Our history

At the end of 2016, and in the midst of the most serious economic crisis that our country is experiencing in the post-war, we decided to set up our company, aiming to respond, in the most emphatic way, to the brain drain phenomenon facing our country. So we have set up a diverse, but fully complementary, group that is able to provide solutions to the whole range of consulting. Our corporate culture and philosophy is based on a range of values and principles on which we remain focused. Teamwork, integrity, innovation and mutual trust are the foundation of all our activities.

Our presence in the Greek market has a long-term perspective. For the next five years, our main target  is to expand our portfolio and to have a defining role in the transformation of the country’s production model. In a difficult time for the Greek economy, 5KNOCKS, having strong foundations of experience and know-how, is the best ally in the effort of businesses’ survival and prosperity.